Bringing Greater Opportunities to Ogden City is Priority #1

The people of Ogden City are among the greatest people on earth, but our local opportunities don’t always reflect the amazing potential that our community has… That is why I am running for Ogden City Council: To help bring bigger and better opportunities to the people of Ogden!

I understand the most valuable resource in any city are the people within that community.

Platform highlights:

  • Economic Development Issues
  • Community Policing
  • Education
  • Supportive Services
  • Homelessness Issues


About Alex Johnson

My passion is to represent those that struggle and need a voice in the community. I often see leaders of industry and government pass by with their entourages paying very little attention to those individuals they deem less important. I believe that each Individual has something they can contribute, regardless of title or stature.

I attended Independence High-School in Provo, Ut. Independence was considered an alternative high-school for troubled teens but I believe it to be one of the best high schools in Utah. This is where I found my passion and vision, sometimes we find diamonds in what seems to be coal. I was involved in the JROTC ( Junior Reserved Officer Training Corps) program in high-school, I was promoted to Battalion Commander when I reached my senior year. I was able to lift the hands of those who hang down and help the students/cadets see their true potential and value.

I served a two year mission in Hawaii, while I was there I was able to assist the homeless including those who lived in homeless camps on the beaches of Oahu. I have a deep love for the people of Hawaii! I learned a great lesson about homelessness and poverty while I served there and I believe I was able to make a real difference in Hawaii.

I graduated from Utah Valley University with a Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice/Police Science with the intent to start a career in law enforcement. Due to the recession I was unable to find employment with a city or county police department. The Department of Workforce Services at that time offered me employment in Ogden. I was employed with DWS for 4.5 years and was very effective at assisting the homeless populations of Ogden and have loved helping those who needed it.

Ogden found a very special place in my heart and I will never leave what I now call home. Ogden shares the same spirit that I believe drives me to continue to represent those that need it.

I currently work for the Davis Technical College in Kaysville as a Public/Career Relations Specialist. I oversee placement for 30 programs and assist instructors/college with employer outreach. I also founded Excell Employment Consulting, LLC, a business that deals with employment consulting. I will also be pursuing my Master’s Degree in Human Resources at USU this fall.

I sit on the following committees:
Utah Defendant/Offender Workforce Development Task Force (UDOWD) – (Davis County)
Workforce Development Committee – (Ogden City)
Utah Career Development Association (Utah) – President-Elect

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